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karst of Serbia and Montenegro

ova strana na srpskom

Kras region in Slovenia  -  Classical Karst

    the place where the term Karst originated
The Yugoslav Karst pages (new title: Karst of Serbia and Montenegro) are linked from several pages which refer to Karst as a region in Yugoslavia. That was true for some time, while Slovenia was part of former Yugoslavia. Since 1991, Slovenia is an independent state.

Slovenia is the home of Kras region, sometimes referred also as Classical Karst. Kras is a limestone plateau located in the hinterland of Trieste bay in the Adriatic sea. It is delimited by the valleys of the rivers Soca (NW), Vipava (NE), Pivka (E), and Reka (SE). It is about 40 km long and 13 km wide. A broader area, between Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Trieste (Italy) is generally referred as Classical Karst.

Abounding with characteristic karst features, and being located at the crossroads of the civilized world for centuries, Kras region became the locus of first scientific research of karst morphology and hydrology. That is why Kras (Carso in Italian, or Karst in German) was the area which gave the scientific name to all karsts in the world.

Links of interest:

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Recommended reading (hard print):

Andrej Kranjc (ed.)
Slovene Classical Karst - »Kras« external hyperlink
Monograph published in 1997 by Zalozba ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana
ISBN 961-6182-42-0

Andrej Kranjc
Kras (The Classical Karst) and the development of karst science external hyperlink
Paper published in Acta Carsologica XXVII/1, 1998, Ljubljana
ISSN 0583-6050

Andrej Kranjc
About the name Kras (Karst) in Slovenia
Proceedings of the XIIIth UIS Congress, Brasilia 2001

Small map of hinterland of the Trieste bay in the Adriatic sea, where Karst (Kras) region is located  (11 kb)
Click for a large map
of Kras region location (95 kb)

Click for a XVIth century
map of Kras region (94 kb)

Maps scanned from monograph
"KRAS Pokrajina-zivljenje-ljudje"

published by IZRK ZRC SAZU, 1999, Ljubljana, ISBN 961-6182-93-5


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