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last update: Mar. 3. 2011

Welcome to ASAK!

ASAK is a speleo club from Belgrade, Serbia.

The aim of these pages is to present the Student Speleologic and Alpinistic Club (ASAK), and also to give an overview of speleology in Serbia, the karst, the caves and the cavers. Karst and speleo in Montenegro is also described, since we do a lot of our caving there.

Here you can learn about the karst of Serbia and karst of Montenegro: their geology, distribution and characteristics, along with the insight into some interesting karst areas. Of course, there is a list of deepest and longest caves, with the surveys and descriptions of some of them.

The caving directory has the information about the local caving and speleologic clubs, and the people and organizations dealing with other forms of karst research (karst geomorphology, karst hydrogeology, palaeontology, biospeleology, and speleodiving).

Your comments and contributions to these pages are welcome !