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last update: Feb 3.2011.

Lazareva pećina, Winter 2010/11

Speleo divers from Triton-AST started the explration of submerged galleries of Lazareva pećina.

Lazareva pećina, Summer 2009

Expecting a hydrological minimum, the explorers found this summer a flow of 200 l/s. 222m of new galleries was added to the survey.

Rakin ponor, January 2009

Aleksandar Milosavljevic, the diver who first divedin Rakin ponor in 2000, reported that the blockage at -13m did exist also in 2000, but he was able to squeze through, reaching finally -29m (the gallery still goes on). This dispersed the doubts about the correct depth of Rakin ponor (256 + 29)

Lazareva pećina, August 2008

On August 10th, SAIS cavers surveyed some 100m of new passages and pushed the cave over 9 km. The new length is 9086 meters.

Lazareva pećina, January 2008

Joint explorations of ASAK and Bradan in January pushed the cave well into the 8th kilometer! It is 8689 meters long since January 20th.

Rakin ponor, August 2007

After 7 years, speleodivers from SOB-a and from Poland dived again at the bottom of the deepest cave in Serbia, Rakin ponor. In 2000, the diving depth was 29m, but in 2007, an impassable blockage made of accummulated debris was reached at only 13m... It is still unclear how so massive blockage could get there, but there are no doubts that Rakin ponor is no more the deepest, since it ends at 256 + 13 = 269m

Lazareva pećina, August 2007

An international caving camp "Technical impromvement in speleology" was held in Zlot, in August. During the camp Lazareva pećina was explored further, and 1123m new galleries were surveyed. Total length of the longest cave in Serbia is now almost eight kilometers. When konwn, but not yet surveyed galleries are summed, the estimated length reaches 10.5 km.

Jama na Dubasnici, April 2007

Cavers from SOB resurveyed the cave, using better instruments than before (brunton compass, Leica Disto, laser inclinometer). The calculated depth was only 241m. When old and new surveys are compared going up from the bottom of the cave, there are no major differences. The problem of choice of the "zero point" of the cave arose once again (the vertical entrance is at the bottom of an open air extremely steep doline - where should one start the survey?). Analysis will follow, but it is obvious that the official depth will not remain -276m.

Longest caves in Serbia
Name More info Length Depth Location Notes
Lazareva pećina external link to the explorers of Lazareva pecina 9818 99 Kučaj, Zlot explorations are led by club SK Bradan
exploration history »  explored by:
PSD Crni Vrh 1953-1956 (1050m)
SOB & J.Petrović 1965 (1540m)
DI V.M. Manda & R.Lazarević 1978 (1721m)
since 2001. SK Bradan
estimated length >10500m
Ušački pećinski sistem Tekst o Usackom pecinskm sistemu 6185 65 Peštersko polje, Sjenica explored by ASAK in 1974.
Cerjanska pećina More about Cerjanska pecina 6025 187 Cerje, Niš explored by: SOB 1976. (4240m),
ASAK 1996-99 (6025m)
Bogovinska pećina 5842 Južni Kučaj, Boljevac est. length >7500m
explored by: SOB, ASAK, ...
Samar 3829 62 Kopajkošara, Svrljig explored by: SOB 1956 (3167)
D.Nešić (3829)
Drenjarski sistem 3731 103 Dževrinska greda, Brza Palanka est. length 4000m
explored by: ASAK 1999-2002
Nemački ponor 3422 210 Miroč, Tekija explored by: ASAK 1991-96, 2000
Buronov ponor 2925 187 Miroč, Donji Milanovac est. length 3400m
explored by: ASAK, since 1994.
(with DI V.M Manda and GS Magnan)
Velika pećina u Dubokoj 2734 65 selo Duboka, Kučevo explored by: Jovan Cvijić, 1895; Branislav Jovanović, 1951; SOB; ASAK 2000-2001
Rajkova pećina 2304 Majdanpek explored by: DI V.M. Manda and Radenko Lazarević ~ 1970-1975

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Deepest caves in Serbia
Name More info Depth Length Location Notes
Rakin ponor Prikaz Rakinog ponora -285 668 Miroč, Donji Milanovac explored by:
ASAK, 1990. & 1995. (-256m),
diving by SOB, 2000 (29m to -285) & 2007 (13m to -269)
Jama na Dubašnici (Gaura Frnđefund) More about Jama na Dubasnici -276 ? Dubašnica, Zlot explored by: DI V.M.Manda 1980; multiclub 1981-84 (-276) SOB 2007 (-241m !)
the official depth? » 
In April 2007. cavers from SOB resurveyed the cave using the most precise instruments. They got only -241m. The problem of choosing the entrance (zero depth) point arose again. It is obvious that in the eighties the zero point was not chosen correctly, and the official depth of this cave will be changed soon.
Jama u Laništu More about Jama u Lanistu -272 710 Miroč, Donji Milanovac explored by ASAK in 1990
Faca Šora -266 Miroč, Donji Milanovac explored by: ASAK, 1991. (-130m)
ASAK, Pizolit, GS Magnan, Ponir 2002.
Ibrin ponor -239 855 Miroč, Donji Milanovac explored by ASAK, 1991,96,98
Tisova jama -235 Beljanica, Žagubica explored by ASAK, 1988. & 1999
Nemački ponor -210 3422 Miroč, Tekija explored by ASAK 1991-1996, 2000
Dragov ponor -200 Lelić, Valjevo explored by: DI V.M.Manda (-184)
cavers from Slovenia, SOB (diving)
Buronov ponor -187 2925 Miroč, Donji Milanovac est. length 3400m
explored by: ASAK, since 1994
(with DI V.M Manda & GS Magnan)
Cerjanska pećina More about Cerjanska pecina 176 6025 Cerje, Niš explored by: SOB 1976 (4240m),
ASAK 1996-99 (6025m)
Jama na Velikom Igrištu (Cvijićeva jama) -171 Južni Kučaj, Čestobrodica explored by: ASAK 1984

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